Astrakhan Kremlin: a miracle made of the Golden Horde’s bricks
Its white stone towers and walls, majestic cathedrals and bell towers, rooms and chambers - everything breathes antiquity...
Island of Hope
People go to Valaam to put their faith in Christ and draw inspiration
‘Wine Route’ in South Africa
The EcoTourism Expert correspondent made a tour of the wineries in Western Cape. And his trip was long. We are launching a series of articles on this popular tourist route
The North Caucasus regains its tourist glory
Not only the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory but also the resorts of Caucasian Mineral Waters are the desire dream destination for the vacationers in Russia
South Korea’s city ‘Incheon’ introduces its nature tourist spots
It offers exotic experience in the wide nature spread over a vast land
Doctor Jazz
The largest jazz festival took place in the Balkans. It all started with a small dermatological clinic...
The dolmens: Are they ‘houses for dwarfs’ or … ?
The secret of the dolmens on the coast of Portugal, Spain, France, in the Caucasus, Russia, and in the coastal regions of other countries has not yet been revealed
Carinthia region in the Austrian Alps develops summer holiday opportunities
Mountains, air, water, thermal springs, cycling and excellent cuisine - everything is here to enjoy life
Visiting the Snow Queen
More and more tourists choose travelling from summer to winter: to the Arctic or to North of the Arctic Circle and the North Pole
To win the heart of Corsica
Corsica, like a picky lady, opens her heart only to those who dare to conquer her

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