Life at the bottom of the Turia River
How an empty riverbed became one of the top ecological attractions the Valencians can't miss
Zelenogradsk that was called Kranz (German: Cranz): the water and the flame of the Royal Resort
This spa resort in addition to healthy sea air and healing mineral waters is also interesting for its unexpected discoveries. Do you know that Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin ‘meets’ Queen Louise here, and the angels sound trumpets into the ears of smirking skeletons?
‘Kamasutra stone carvings’ lose fans
The famous Khajuraho Temple Complex is rapidly losing fans due to the remoteness from the main tourist routes in India
A Russian couple were found by police living in a cave in Krabi (Thai)
Stranded Russian Tourists in Thailand in dire need of help
Indian Prime Minister's tea stall to be a tourist attraction
The Gujarat state authorities have taken up the development of a tour in the town of Vadnagar, the birthplace of the present Prime Minister of India
France: On coronavirus lockdown indoors
The country and all the people are experiencing a tragedy - the crisis caused by the new coronavirus epidemic
400-year-old Belgian mischievous Manneken Pis got a commemorative coin
This collectors’ coin, 120,000 copies only, is a legal means of payment
Cape Town’s Table Mountain: Unforgettable breath-taking views
The largest picture by Vereshchagin to be seen in Kolkata again
‘The Elephant Procession: The Prince of Wales Visiting Jaipur on February 4, 1876’ has been recently shown again to the visitors lost in admiration after 25-year separation
Montreux - a wonderful plaything in Europe
We’ll probably not find a truly fitting description of these places written in Russian, it is clear that any comparison is far from perfect...

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