The largest picture by Vereshchagin to be seen in Kolkata again
‘The Elephant Procession: The Prince of Wales Visiting Jaipur on February 4, 1876’ has been recently shown again to the visitors lost in admiration after 25-year separation
Montreux - a wonderful plaything in Europe
We’ll probably not find a truly fitting description of these places written in Russian, it is clear that any comparison is far from perfect...
4D rock quarry
In French Les Baux, in the old stone quarry, breathtaking multimedia shows are held
Kariba: World's largest man-made reservoir by volume, worth visiting
If you are one who enjoys beautiful sunset cruises and fishing, this is the place to be
Geneva, Mausoleum of the Duke of Brunswick
Duke of Brunswick was buried in the centre of Geneva, but not under, but above the Swiss land, in the air
Volcanic gastronomy on the Azores
The first settlers of the islands guessed to use the volcanic heat to cook
Kemeri swamps in Latvia: very pretty female hobgoblins live here
The Great Kemeri swamps are one of the largest moss bogs on the Latvia’s coast
Tulip Garden from an Oriental Tale
Each spring, thousands of tourists visit the largest tulip garden in Asia that is located in Srinagar (India)
Paradise for Anton Chekhov and Ivan Bunin
A journey in the footsteps of Russian writers Anton Chekhov and Ivan Bunin to Sri Lanka
French Camargue: do not overlook it
In the triangle between Marseille, Arles and Montpellier, the real pearl of France is located - a natural park of incomparable beauty and rich in natural diversity

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