Expert Reports

Expert Reports

The sea turned black
Pollution of the sea near Novorossiysk due to the sunken dry cargo ship exceeded the pollution standards by 260 times

The annual event tourism in Russia is estimated at five trillion roubles
Each rouble invested in the tourism industry brings five to six roubles in related industries, experts say
‘Winnie the Pooh’ has got into trouble: Rescuing the animals in Sochi
Scientists of the Sochi Geographical Society rescued exotic animals abandoned in the mountains
Turkey: difficult times for the tourism industry
It can be assumed that the catastrophic earthquake in Turkey, which, according to preliminary data, killed about 40.000 and injured more than 100.000 people, will definitely affect the plans of tourists from abroad intending to visit this country in the coming weeks or months
Cairo, Al-Yasmine district: ecology not for everyone
A new capital will appear in Egypt in the desert, east of the today’s one

Peru: the near future of tourism is in question
Access to the territory of the ancient city of the Inca civilization Machu Picchu was closed indefinitely by the authorities
Both for the village and the city
The development of the agri- and eco-tourism in Russia

Australian scientists discover large shark graveyard in the deep ocean
The graveyard even contained the fossilised teeth of the ancient ancestor of the megalodon shark
Scientists have found out the impact on nature in the areas where Norilsk Nickel operates
Fundamental research carried out by the Russian Academy of Sciences helps in making a large inventory of the environment in the region
Going to Belarus to buy Gucci items
In Russia, shopping tours to Minsk are sold to buy brands that left Russia

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