Expert Reports

Expert Reports

Djibouti wants to become the epicenter of green tourism
The authorities of Djibouti intend to develop the economy of this African state, with amazingly preserved biodiversity, by attracting foreign tourists
Peculiar features of the environmental education projects in industrial cities
A sustainable future requires an active environmental education in addition to the current school curricula in various subjects.

Environmental education and sustainable development
The transition to an ecological lifestyle means taking responsibility for the preservation of the environment
The Caucasus Mountains and the Egyptian pyramids equals in age
The Sochi’s Volkonsky Dolmen, the only full-size monolith dolmen preserved in the world, was reconstructed according to eco-standards

Space tourism: entertainment for the rich
According to experts, a new type of tourism will gain momentum, if geopolitical realities allow, of course
Joint efforts to conserve the Amur tigers have been of “special significance” lately
The participants of the 2nd International Tiger Forum urge that it is important for the Amur tiger range countries to join efforts to conserve these wild animals
The strategy is formally established
It is planned to implement 65 action items aimed at developing tourism in Russia until 2035
Sergey Ivanov: It will take at least another 10 years to clean up our Arctic
The Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation spoke about the waste disposal program in the Arctic, ecotourism problems and the development of the Northern Sea Route
Where to go on vacations in August at a reasonable price
The Association of Tour Operators of Russia announced the vacation destinations offered at a reasonable price in the last month of summer
Departure ticket
What should be done in case you bought a tour from a bankrupt tour operator

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