Expert Reports

Expert Reports

12 main myths about ecology
The WWF-Russia experts dispel the most popular prejudices surrounding the environment
How to join a reserve to get work or training
Specially protected natural areas and potential volunteers cannot find each other
How the coronavirus is changing the global travel industry
Travel industry insiders’ opinions on the post-coronavirus trends
Vacation in Greece: antigen rapid test is enough
Test for antigens must be done 48 hours before arrival
The Lake Baikal ecosystem to be protected with due consideration to the opinion of citizens
The Public Chamber of the Russian Federation worked out the recommendations for the protection of this water body and increasing funding in 2022-2023 for the federal project aimed at the preservation of Lake Baikal
The Pasvik Reserve’s researchers to monitor the ecosystem recovery in the Kola Peninsula
With the support of the Kola MMC, they monitor the state of the Kola Arctic nature after the closure of the MMC in Nikel
Here’s how countries around the world are reopening...
About the various countries that plan to return to normal life and reopen the borders - a list of places where and when you can go
International travel to be back to pre-Covid levels by 2023, says China
The outbound tourist traffic is forecasted to reach 88 million
Actual environmental problems of the Arctic can be solved within the framework of the public-private partnership only
This opinion was expressed by the round-table participants at the 9th Nevsky International Ecological Congress
The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) has become a signatory of ‘The Future of Tourism Coalition’
PATA & The Future of Tourism Coalition charted a sustainable direction for the development of global tourism

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