Expert Reports

Expert Reports

Where to go on vacations in August at a reasonable price
The Association of Tour Operators of Russia announced the vacation destinations offered at a reasonable price in the last month of summer
Departure ticket
What should be done in case you bought a tour from a bankrupt tour operator

Partnership of mining companies and indigenous peoples
On the ninth of August, the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples is celebrated under the auspices of the UN
‘Youth, Science, Ecology, Culture’ Youth Club, or USEC
Kabardino-Balkaria is developing the youth tourism
Tourism in Europe: a rapidly recovering industry
Experts expect the growth of indicators above the pre-pandemic level by 2023
Sustainability as a business philosophy
Norilsk Nickel presents sustainable development strategies up to 2030 and report for 2021
Segregate and throw away: How Sochi fights against waste
2022 has been declared the Year of Ecology in Sochi. One of the main tasks is to solve the “waste recycling problem” in the resort city
Protected Areas in Russia: for tourists taking into account “recreational load”
The bill on the calculation of the maximum recreational load for national parks and other specially protected natural areas was submitted to the second reading
Ecological tourism in Russia has a powerful potential
The expert’s opinion about the problems and their solutions

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