Expert Reports

Expert Reports

He laughs best who laughs
Where did the All Fools’ Day come from?
Russia grows with Siberia, and Siberia - with an environmentally sustainable business
Responsible and environmentally friendly business is the engine of tourism development in the Krasnoyarsk Territory
Spending money on travelling and getting a refund
Stage 5 of the tourist cashback programme was completed ahead of schedule
Money back
Sochi became the leader in booking Сashback tours
The first Russian centre for the conservation of rare species of birds of prey was created in Kamchatka
The Russian International Falcon Centre “Kamchatka” is preparing to receive the first group of gyrfalcons
The Arctic welcomes tourists
The Arctic area of Russia will soon turn into a tourist region
Schoolchildren have gone on trips
The Russian government has worked out a programme for the development of tourism for schoolchildren and provided that about 500 million roubles would be sent to the Russia’s regions
Canada does not rule out a ban on optional travel to other countries
The reason - is the spread of the omicron
Will Russia become a country with a tourism economy?
Russia’s pivot from commodities extraction to development of its vast territories as tourism destinations exceeds US$30 billion
Quebec urges to cancel PCR tests for foreign tourists
The requirement for a PCR test by foreign travelers visiting Canada causes irreparable damage to the Quebec tourism industry

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