Expert Reports

Expert Reports

Egypt relies on Chinese tourists

In the land of the pyramids, guests from the Celestial Empire are expected to help restore the tourism sector. Should they also count on the Russians ..?
Iran’s ‘2025 Tourism Vision Plan’ aims to increase the number of tourist arrivals
Iran has prepared a strategic plan for the development of tourism sector in the country through coordinated policymaking by executive bodies, academics, and the private sector
Building on the territory of protected areas - if possible, how?
The development of ecotourism entails many questions, in particular regarding infrastructure - what can be created in and near natural areas, and what cannot?
Booster-program for the development of ecotourism in Russia
An acceleration program for the development of ecotourism is being created in Russia
Tourism accepted: live peacefully where others are on holiday
The main goal of touristic industry in Brandenburg now is to avoid bankruptcies and to steadily restart
Domestic travel to drive recovery of tourism industry in Philippines
The survey found that 77 percent of respondents express their willingness to travel to local destinations once restrictions are lifted
The European Commission accused 10 EU countries of violating the rights of travelers
In the absence of refunds to travelers for trips that were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic
Russian cruise companies: We stay afloat!
The industry players expect to recover part of the losses by extending the navigation season this autumn
The Maldives set to welcome foreign tourists from mid July
Tourists are not required to produce a certificate or test result indicative of negative status for Covid-19 before entry into the country
Cambodia’s tourism sector looks for growth avenues despite COVID-19 disruptions
In 2020, due to the drastic drop in international tourist arrivals the country can lose about $3 billion

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