Expert Reports

Expert Reports

In the global spice markets, real cinnamon is forced out by its substitute - cassia
Cassia from China, Vietnam and Indonesia is dangerous to health and causes cancer
Human presence in the wild may boost rodents
Human “super predator” becomes protection from other dangers to small animals – study
In India, due to unsanitary habits, 50,000 people die from snakebites per year
Paying that big of a price for bad habits
Ecotourism: 8 tips for sustainable holidays
How to become true ecotourist - tips from European experts
Asia to top the world’s most visited cities list
Hong Kong is expected to maintain its leading position in 2019
Bhutan to levy charges on Indian tourists
Including India, Bangladesh and Maldives
Experiential and ecological tourism opens doors wide to the guests of the Indian Nagaland state
Huge growth prospects for the sustainable development are possible as long as there is the stabilization of the situation and security of tourists in the state  
Germany to make transportation as eco-friendly as possible
It is proposed to at least double the air traffic tax, reduce the number of flights and shift to the domestic railroad transport
Elephant in the room
Banning ivory trade to promote safaris at expense of famers’ livelihood?
Wine festivals in the Crimea becoming part of the tourism industry
November Fest 2019 and other autumn events hosted by the Crimean winemakers

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