Expert Reports

Expert Reports

The Caucasian State Nature Biosphere Reserve celebrates its birthday
The unique natural reserve was established 96 years ago, but its history began much earlier
Summer at the last year's price
The health resorts and centres in Sochi (Russia) will not raise prices for their packages in the upcoming summer season
Tourism recovery resumes in many Australia, New Zealand & SE Asia destinations
Australia and New Zealand are considering a ‘trans-Tasman bubble’, in Hong Kong the first phase will be domestic travel
India learned to turn coconut water into instantized powder
Farmers in the south of India have the opportunity now to achieve a considerable stable income
Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands: the region’s infrastructure urgently needs improvement
Those who like to relax in comfort should start booking their tickets no earlier than in a couple of years
Man takes a day off
Less greenhouse gases are being emitted, less wastes are being produced - the COVID-19 pandemic has a positive effect on the planet’s climate and environment
WFP Survey: Nepal to be affected with food shortage due to COVID-19
Nepal will witness significant reductions in the harvest of wheat and other winter crops in the coming months in the event of the lockdown continuing
Belgium has called on the EU to assign the status of a geographically protected name to pralines
Belgium produces over 170,000 tonnes of chocolate annually
Production of Luwak coffee set up in India
One of the most expensive coffee beans in the world ($ 500-700 per kg in the world market) extracted using Asian palm civets
By the end of the 21st century, 80% more food will be required for humanity
Increasing body weights and heights of humans coupled with the population growth could lead to food shortages in the foreseeable future

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