Expert Reports

Expert Reports

Returning to Egypt
The cost of tours to the Red Sea is not yet as cheap as we would expect
Prospects for the ecotourism development in Russia
The development of nature tourism is a Russia’s strategic task
The FPIC - the procedure for obtaining the peoples’ consent to their resettlement - to be held in the Russian Arctic for the first time
The talk is about the village of Tukhard in Taimyr
Diving bird
You can enjoy the traditional mating dances of the birds that are among the most beautiful seabirds in the world in the Cape gannet reserve - the Birds Island Nature Reserve
France intends to integrate biodiversity issues into the value chain or production, supply or investment decisions
Victoria Quiri, Head of the European Bureau, EcoTourism Expert, spoke at the Siberian Perspective EcoSummit about how the state organizes the protection of biodiversity in the country
Global warming is possible in the near future
Climate change is a problem that can only be resolved by concerted efforts
The glacial era in the 21st century
The state of the Balkan glaciers is an important factor in the climate change
Neural networks to learn to recognize walruses “by sight”
The scientists of the Nenets State Nature Reserve and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology will train the artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze data from the camera traps
Protected areas may expand in the Arkhangelsk region
The Arkhangelsk branch of the World Wildlife Fund has made proposals for the creation of new and expansion of existing nature reserves
The hopes of European tourism
According to experts, the demand for trips to Europe will grow significantly in the second half of 2021

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