Beaches Closed in Sochi


For the past two days, there has been a danger of tornado formation over the sea in the area between Magri and Veseloye

Sochi is Nearly 90% Full


Compared to the same period last year, the growth of tourist flow has increased by nearly seven percent

Sochi is Controlling Discharge into the Sea


This is reported by the Sochi administration. Inspection activities are being carried out in all resort areas

Optimization of the Waste Management System in Sochi


During the peak resort season in the city, due to the increase in tourist flow, there is an annual increase in the volume of solid waste coming from container platforms

Quarantine Imposed in Sochi Due to Invasive Weed


A quarantine zone has been established in Adler district, Sochi due to the rapid spread of a dangerous weed called Bidens bipinnata (commonly known as Bidens pilosa or two-leaved tickseed)

"Southern Kitchens" to be Presented at Rosa Khutor


A large-scale gastrofest will start on July 15 and will be held in several formats at once

Sochi Launches 24-Hour Bus Service to Airport


Bus No. 105A connects the air harbor with Sochi and Adler railway stations.

Rhododendrons bloomed at Rosa Khutor


They decorated the mountain slopes of the resort at an altitude of more than two thousand meters above sea level

Sochi has accepted the first flight from Bahrain


Flights from Manama are scheduled once a week in the summer

World's Rarest Magnolias Bloom Near Sochi


The rare Magnolia Delavayi and Magnolia Karpunii have bloomed in the Southern Cultures Park near Sochi, Russia

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