Felling of Mongolian oak banned around the Land of the Leopard National Park


Following the order of the Governor of the Primorsky Territory Oleg Kozhemyako approving changes to the Forest Plan of the region around the National Park "Land of the Leopard" the felling of Mongolian oak will be prohibited

The area of ​​protected areas in Russia may be increased to 15% of the country's territory by 2030 - Dmitry Gorshkov


The countries participating in the UN Convention on Biological Diversity are preparing to sign a new ten-year plan to preserve the nature of our planet

Taiwanese take to travel in mountains due to overseas travel ban


Taiwanese have reportedly taken to the mountains because the COVID-19 pandemic prevented them from travelling overseas

VIII All-Russian Festival of Nature «Primordial Russia» will be held in Moscow


The All-Russian Festival of Nature "Primordial Russia" will open its doors to visitors for the eighth time this year

The construction of glampings in the Murmansk region will begin in 2021


The construction of the first glamping sites in the Pechenga District of the Murmansk Region will begin this year within the framework of the Port of Liinakhamari project

‘Expo 2020 Dubai’ all set to open on October 1


The steering committee of the college of commissioners general of Expo 2020 Dubai recently held its sixth meeting, with participants reviewing progress on the event ahead of its opening on October 1st

Industrial village Nikel will become a tourist center


The Pechenga District of the Murmansk Region, Russia, will attract specialists and students from the Murmansk Arctic State University (MASU) in the field of hospitality and urban transformation for tourism development

Egypt protects its Red Sea Resort with a 36-km barbed concrete wall


The Red Sea resort on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula will be protected by a concrete wall built recently by Egypt

Dubai announces new measures to reduce rising COVID-19 cases


With the rising number of COVID-19 cases recorded in the emirate, Dubai has announced a new set of measures designed to lessen the increase

Tourism industry in Kerala suffers huge loss due to the pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic had brought the business of all tourism stakeholders to a standstill affecting the livelihood of entrepreneurs as well as employees in the tourism industry in India

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