Expert Reports

Expert Reports

The experience gained by Norilsk Nickel and Gazprom is expected to help in creating an effective geotechnical monitoring system in the Arctic
The state background monitoring of the permafrost does not allow obtaining a detailed picture of the processes in the Arctic soils, the experts say
A point of growth
The study shows that the development of marine protected areas contributes to the economic growth of the area
Protecting the Arctic environment was discussed at the Nevsky International Ecological Congress
The environment Ecology of the Arctic region requires environmentally friendly production technologies
Peculiar features of the environmental education projects in industrial cities
A sustainable future requires an active environmental education in addition to the current school curricula in various subjects.

Sergey Ivanov: It will take at least another 10 years to clean up our Arctic
The Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation spoke about the waste disposal program in the Arctic, ecotourism problems and the development of the Northern Sea Route
Prospects for the ecotourism development in Russia
The development of nature tourism is a Russia’s strategic task
The glacial era in the 21st century
The state of the Balkan glaciers is an important factor in the climate change
12 main myths about ecology
The WWF-Russia experts dispel the most popular prejudices surrounding the environment
Actual environmental problems of the Arctic can be solved within the framework of the public-private partnership only
This opinion was expressed by the round-table participants at the 9th Nevsky International Ecological Congress
Ecotourism in Russia to become the driver of the tourism industry
The government has worked out the amendments to the legislation of ecotourism

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