Volga River Restoration Reaches a Dead End, State Duma Deputies Say

Volga River Restoration Reaches a Dead End, State Duma Deputies Say

Source: https://t.me/dnkobylkin

The State Duma is dissatisfied with the work on the Volga River restoration. Dmitry Kobylkin, the head of the State Duma Committee on Ecology, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, believes that the situation has reached a dead end. In his Telegram channel, he spoke about the fact that the deputies have complaints about the functioning of treatment facilities.

"This year, the federal project "Volga River Restoration" is coming to an end, aimed at a threefold reduction in the volume of polluted wastewater. There are risks of not achieving the project goals due to delays in the commissioning of treatment facilities. Problems arose due to errors in technical specifications, inconsistency of technologies, changes in requirements and violations of the technical regulations," - Kobylkin wrote.

According to him, the practice of dividing contracts for the construction and commissioning of facilities leads to the absence of checks on the treatment system after the declared completion of construction. And this threatens to fulfill the president's instructions on the restoration of the Volga.

As Kobylkin reported, his deputy Zhanna Ryabtseva traveled around the Yaroslavl Region as part of parliamentary control and inspected five facilities: there is no talk of a threefold reduction in the volume of pollutants, for which they were created.

"The results are disappointing: 5 out of 5 treatment facilities do not operate in the planned mode," - the deputy said.

According to him, at a meeting of the committee, representatives of the Ministry of Construction noted that they were aware of the problems, admitted their responsibility and that all issues must be resolved and the project completed by December 1.

Kobylkin stressed that in particular it is required to redesign existing incorrectly designed treatment facilities.

"Based on this, the committee considers it necessary to conduct an inspection of all 105 constructed treatment facilities for compliance with the planned indicators," - he noted.

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