Romania: Roads to Heaven Open Early

Romania: Roads to Heaven Open Early

Source: Lyubov Ivanova

Travel on Romania's famous mountain roads has been opened a month earlier than usual. Every year, the Transalpina and Transfăgărășan highways open for traffic in early July. However, in 2024, the snow in the mountains melted unusually early, and to the delight of tourists, both of the most beautiful mountain passes are already available to motorists.

The Transalpina Road, the highest alpine road in Romania, has been functioning since June 1. It reaches its highest point at an elevation of 2145 meters. Tourists have the opportunity to take selfies in front of the magnificent peaks and encounter wild representatives of local fauna. Along with mountain goats, wild boars, foxes, lynxes, and wolves inhabit the area. However, the main draw for tourists is the chance to meet brown bears, who come right up to the road awaiting tourists. Travelers who bring treats have a chance to capture entire families of bears. 

However, the General Manager of the Road Administration, Christian Pistol, urges tourists to be cautious and not to feed the bears, in order to avoid dangerous incidents.The Transfăgărășan Road, winding its way through the Southern Carpathians, is considered the most beautiful in the world but also one of the most dangerous: mountain lakes, steep turns, rocky cliffs, and numerous tunnels at a height of 2034 meters present a serious challenge for drivers. Due to its complex terrain and frequent accidents, this road is called the "Road to Sky." The road is only opened by road commission decision after the final snowmelt. This year, travel is allowed from June 7, which is three weeks earlier than usual.You can drive along these roads at speeds of up to 30 km/h and only during daylight hours.

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