Romania: Mussels Beware!

Romania: Mussels Beware!


In the midst of the mussel season, Romanians and tourists who have come here for a beach vacation have been left without seafood delicacies. The country has banned the fishing of seafood. The reason for this is toxic algae that have been found in coastal areas of the Black Sea.

The unique weather conditions of this summer have contributed to the rapid reproduction of these phototrophic organisms. The algae, which have grown in the warm water, have begun to secrete toxins that are dangerous to health.After the Veterinary and Sanitary Directorate specialists found an increased content of toxins in samples of Black Sea water, the fishing of mussels, rapana, squid and other marine inhabitants of the Black Sea in the areas between the cities of Mangalia and Navodari has been banned.

Seafood lovers in Romania's largest seaport, Constanta, have also been left without delicacies. Seafood caught here earlier is also banned from sale.

The ban on fishing and selling seafood is a temporary measure. Specialists are taking samples of water and checking the condition of marine organisms. As soon as the situation returns to normal, the restrictions will be lifted.

In the meantime, tourists and locals are advised to refrain from buying and eating seafood of unknown origin. It is also not recommended to swim in areas where toxic algae are found.

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