Owls in Moscow Suburbs Nest More Often on Village Outskirts

Owls in Moscow Suburbs Nest More Often on Village Outskirts

Source: https://www.mnr.gov.ru/

The press service of the Ministry of Ecology and Nature Management of the Moscow Region reported that local long-eared owls and kestrels have begun to move closer to people. Scientists from the A.N. Severtsov Institute of Problems of Evolution and Ecology of the RAS and the Moscow State Pedagogical University conducted a study and came to this conclusion.

As suitable nesting sites become overgrown and hunting areas shrink, owls and kestrels are moving into more open meadow communities and to the outskirts of villages. Most owl nests are already located in villages and make up 28%.The number of kestrel nests near human dwellings is also growing - 14%.

The scientists' conclusions are based on a 23-year history of observations in Northern Moscow, where the long-eared and marsh owls, as well as the common kestrel, are counted annually. During this time, a total of 208 nests and broods of the long-eared owl, 34 of the marsh owl, and 174 of the common kestrel were found.

The ministry urged the residents of the region to treat the nests with care. These bird species are not included in the Red Book of the Moscow Region, but they are quite rare. In addition, they help to exterminate harmful rodents and locusts.

The news of owls nesting closer to human settlements is interesting and highlights the adaptability of these birds.While it is important to respect wildlife and avoid disturbing nesting sites, the closer proximity of owls to humans could also provide opportunities for observation and education.

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