New Photo Exhibitions Open at the Rosa Khutor Resort

New Photo Exhibitions Open at the Rosa Khutor Resort


The My Russia Ethnopark, located on an area of 3.3 hectares, presents the architecture, history, everyday life and cultural traditions of different peoples of our country. The exhibition "Dagestan. Majestic Beauty" has opened in the "Caucasus" pavilion, which showcases the best photos of the participants of the Russian Geographical Society's photo contest "The Most Beautiful Country".

"The competition has been held since 2015. During this time, more than 700 thousand photos have been submitted for participation. This is a large-scale professional event dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and the воспитанию бережного отношения к окружающей среде. Thanks to the skill of photographers, we can admire the sights of our great country, uniting different peoples. The exhibition "Dagestan. Majestic Beauty" is an excellent opportunity not only to immerse yourself in the spirit, history and originality of this unique Russian region, but also to enjoy the splendor of its wild nature - from monumental mountains to endless valleys and rivers," - they said in the "My Russia" ethnopark.

Another photo exhibition is dedicated to the Russian art of carved platbands. The photographs for the exhibition were obtained from the "Virtual Museum of Platbands" by Ivan Khafizov. The history of the unusual project to preserve the tradition of architecture began in 2007, when the photographer arrived in the city of Engels and drew attention to the old wooden buildings. Today, the museum's collection has over 15 thousand photographs from 101 cities of the country.

"There are many blank spots in the history of wooden architecture. For example, it is still unknown where and when the art of creating carved platbands on windows originated, this phenomenon has never been comprehensively studied.Unfortunately, the tradition of decorating houses is gradually dying out, platbands can often be seen only in old paintings and photographs. The exhibition will present photographs from nine cities of the country - Samara, Ivanovo, Izhevsk,Irkutsk, Kostroma, Tomsk, Gorodets, Vologda, Tyumen," - explained in the ethnopark.

The exhibition of photographs is located next to the colonnade. Also at the exhibition "Secrets of the Old House", located on the territory of the ethnopark, you can see the originals of the platbands, which were collected throughout the country for more than two years, were carefully restored and today amaze guests with their beauty. The "My Russia" ethnopark of the "Rosa Khutor" resort is open daily from 10:00 to 20:00.

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