Common but Rare Newt Discovered in Moscow Park

Common but Rare Newt Discovered in Moscow Park


The official website of the Mayor of Moscow has reported that a rare amphibian, the common newt, has been discovered in the capital's Izmailovo Park. The number of these animals is decreasing, and this species is listed in the Red Book of Moscow.

Common newts lead a secretive lifestyle. They can be recognized by their spotted coloration and bright orange abdomen.Meeting these amphibians in Moscow's natural areas is a great success for biologists.

The first common newts were discovered in Moscow more than 100 years ago. In recent years, these amphibians have been seen in Biryulevsky arboretum, Moskvoretsky park, and Kuskvo forest park. In total, newts are found in 33 natural areas of the city, and in 20 of them they were discovered for the first time. Scientists emphasize that in order to preserve the population of these amphibians, it is necessary to preserve the ecological balance and cleanliness of water bodies.

Citizens can also contribute to the conservation of newts. To do this, they just need to be careful during walks and look under their feet: adult newts and juveniles are very slow and can easily be crushed underfoot by pedestrians.

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