Alpacas Get Haircuts at Rosa Khutor

Alpacas Get Haircuts at Rosa Khutor


The alpacas were sheared by three groomers simultaneously. The specialists selected the hairstyles taking into account not only the "quality" of the Peruvian fuzzies' wool, but also their character.

"Alpacas are very sociable animals, so the groomers easily found an approach to each one. The fuzzies took the shearing with great curiosity, even lined up to watch what was happening. It took about half an hour to shear each alpaca. The hairstyles were selected individually. Some got the "Chupa Chups" model, which involves shaping a round "cap" on the head, some became the owners of a beautiful heart on the back, and the large male Mikhail turned into a real lion with a mane and a tassel tail. This haircut подчеркнул его суровый характер," said Irina Chaikina, the operating director of the "Pacha Mama" alpaca park at the "Rosa Khutor" resort.

From each alpaca, the specialists "collected" about four kilograms of wool per shearing, which is hypoallergenic and is considered the softest in the world. It has already been handed over to the craftswomen, who will spin threads and knit warm socks and mittens. In winter, these unusual souvenirs can be purchased at the "Pacha Mama" park.

"Alpacas are sheared not only for beauty - it is an important procedure for their health. It becomes easier for animals to tolerate the hot weather that has set in in the mountains of Sochi. Today, more than 80 alpacas live in the "Pacha Mama" park. They arrived at the "Rosa Khutor" resort from European nurseries and, thanks to constant care, have adapted remarkably well. Confirmation of this is the 15 alpaca cubs, called crias, born in our park. They were born in May, all healthy and active. After a short maternity leave, which their mothers spent with their babies in special enclosures, they have already begun to walk with all the others, to communicate with guests," said Irina Chaikina.

You can see the fluffy "Chupa Chups" and chat with the cute inhabitants of the Peruvian Andes at the "Rosa Khutor" resort every day. The "Pacha Mama" park is open from 10:00 to 18:00. You can get there by free shuttle bus from the "Rosa Priyut" in the Mountain Olympic Village or by walking along the new pedestrian route "The Way to the Alpacas",which is less than a kilometer long. In addition to alpacas, the park is home to fluffy French Ram rabbits, whose "ear span" reaches half a meter, rare Welsh sheep, four-horned rams and a recent resident - the donkey Vadik.

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