Survey: Nearly 70% support having night markets in Hong Kong

Survey: Nearly 70% support having night markets in Hong Kong

A newly released survey found that 69.5 percent of respondents are supportive of plans to establish night markets in Hong Kong, citing food offerings, locations and convenient transport links as major factors in determining how attracted they will be to visiting a night market. Over 80 percent of interviewees also said they were happy to visit night markets when travelling on the Chinese mainland or overseas regions.
The survey, which was conducted by the Hong Kong Department Stores and Commercial Staff General Union, was released on Tuesday. On Thursday, the Hong Kong government is expected to announce details of a high-profile campaign to boost the nighttime economy. For the 1,862 respondents who participated in the survey from Aug 24 to Sept 1, the most attractive features of night markets were food, followed by retail, and then live performances.
Regarding to the establishment of night markets, 73.6 percent of respondents expressed concerns about the convenience of the locations and transportation, followed by prices, and the hygiene of the markets’ environments.
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