Part of the Former Amber Manufactory in Kaliningrad to Become a Museum

Part of the Former Amber Manufactory in Kaliningrad to Become a Museum


The press service of the Museum of the World Ocean has announced the start of adjusting the project for the preservation and adaptation of part of the building of the former Amber Manufactory for modern use. In particular, it is planned to use it to expand the storage areas.

The former Amber Manufactory is a cultural heritage site and one of the most noticeable landmarks on the map of Kaliningrad. The Museum of the World Ocean is in charge of part of the building on Serpuhovskaya Street, built in a restrained architectural style. The building on Portovoy Street, built in the spirit of the Italian Renaissance, was transferred to the regional Amber Museum. Both buildings were erected in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

In the future, it is planned to use the premises of the building on Serpuhovskaya Street to expand the storage areas. The museum expects that after all the clarifications, the documents will undergo a state examination before the end of this year.

The repositories will become open to visitors. In them, guests will be able to get acquainted with objects of marine archeology. In addition, in the halls of the building on Serpuhovskaya Street, there will be a historical and cultural center "Marine Assembly", which is being created for scientific and educational purposes. It is also planned to hold meetings of marine clubs in the building.

The Amber Manufactory was a complex of buildings of different times, united into one, where administrative and warehouse premises, amber processing enterprises with sorting and pressing workshops were located. Now the building on Serpuhovskaya Street, 1, which is under the jurisdiction of the Museum of the World Ocean, is under protection. On its territory there are exhibition areas and restoration workshops.

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