AI Ushers in New Era of Forest Fire Prevention with Predictive Capabilities


Forestry officials hail significant advancements in AI-powered forest fire prediction as a critical tool in combating blazes

Elephants Use "Names" Like Humans to Communicate with Each Other, Study Finds


Elephants use calls that are like names when communicating with each other

Theater Season Opens in Kislovodsk National Park - the Largest in Europe


The third theater season has started in Kislovodsk

First "Ket Cafe" Opens in Belgrade


Guests are greeted here not by waiters, but by cats. Of course, the establishment also has waitstaff who will serve you tea or coffee, but the real masters of the house are 6 kittens

Scientists Create Porous Material That Can Absorb Carbon Dioxide More Effectively Than Trees


Scientists have announced the creation of a new porous material that can capture and absorb carbon dioxide better than trees

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Europe for the 2024 Season Revealed


The European Best Destinations website has named the 10 best beaches in Europe that can charm the most fastidious tourists, for whom the beauty of the beach area is one of the criteria for a successful holiday

Scientists Establish Link Between Poor Ecology and People's Mental Health


The air we breathe affects people's mental well-being, which in turn affects heart health

China introduced visa-free entry for tourists from six more European countries


Since March 14, China has introduced temporary visa-free entry for tourists from Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg and Switzerland

The world's largest flower garden celebrates its 75th anniversary


The Royal Keukenhof Park, the world's largest flower garden, located in the Dutch town of Lisse, is celebrating its 75th anniversary

Florence residents unhappy with mass tourism


Calls from local residents for urgent action to protect the UNESCO-listed center of Florence from mass tourism have become more frequent after the shocking statement by Cecilia Hallberg, director of the prestigious city Galleria dell'Accademia

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