The plan for the implementation of the Strategy for the development of Russia's activities in Antarctica is sent to the Government of the Russian Federation

The plan for the implementation of the Strategy for the development of Russia's activities in Antarctica is sent to the Government of the Russian Federation


Антарктида.jpgThe plan for the implementation of the Strategy for the Development of Russia's Activities in Antarctica until 2030, approved in 2020, was sent by the Ministry of Natural Resources to the Government of the Russian Federation.

The strategy is aimed at protecting the environment, preventing natural and climatic threats of a global nature, enhancing the country's international prestige, and strengthening the economic and scientific potential of Russia.

“The key thing is that the Plan is aimed at protecting the Antarctic environment, for example, by preserving its marine living resources, and by developing complex fundamental and applied scientific research. Including geological, geophysical and hydrographic work, remote sensing, expeditionary studies of marine biological resources and the ecosystem of the Southern Ocean in coastal waters, in particular, the dynamics of ice movement, changes in the heights of ice and snow cover ", - commented the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation Alexander Kozlov.

The Strategy provides for the creation of a geo-information system of Antarctica, the development of organized tourism and the preservation of the historical heritage associated with the role of Russia in the discovery of the continent and its development. It is planned to modernize the Russian expeditionary infrastructure and instrumentation base, ensure the life safety of the Antarctic expedition staff and improve their qualifications. 

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