Screenings of the film about the battle for the Caucasus are organized at Rosa Khutor in October and throughout the winter season

Screenings of the film about the battle for the Caucasus are organized at Rosa Khutor in October and throughout the winter season

Source: Rosa Khutor press service
Feature-documentary film “Above the sky, above the mountains. The Battle of the Passes" was filmed on the initiative of the mountain resort. The film premiered in schools and cinemas in Sochi, at the Rosa Khutor resort, at the Lecture Hall of the mountain club "Sport-Marathon" on the days of the 80th anniversary of the victory in the largest battle of the Great Patriotic War - the Battle of the Caucasus. The film was presented by the author of the film, television journalist Dmitry Kuzmin.

- The story of this film began with an old note that I saw in the museum of school No. 65 in Krasnaya Polyana. It said: “We died the death of the brave from the hellish cold and the onslaught of the enemy.” Date - December 6, 1943. The idea arose to repeat the path of Soviet soldiers in the battle for the Caucasus, which they passed 80 years ago. I wanted to fill with historical sacred memory the places that today are very popular among tourists, because the battles took place literally 15 kilometers from the Aishkha Pass,” said the author of the film “Above the Sky, Above the Mountains. Battle of the Passes” by TV journalist Dmitry Kuzmin.

The Battle of the Caucasus is one of the longest and bloodiest battles of the Second World War. It lasted 442 days. The plans of the German command included the seizure of the Grozny and Baku fields, where two-thirds of the entire USSR’s oil was produced. But the Soviet soldiers managed to stop the enemy. Filming of the film “Above the Sky, Above the Mountains. “Battle of the Passes” took place at the sites of former hostilities: in Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, Tuapse, Sukhum, the Abkhaz mountain village of Pskhu, on the Aishkha, Sanchara passes and in the Semashkho region

- Work on the film lasted a year and a half. It was a journey of 15,000 kilometers. The path from comfortable cities to hard-to-reach mountain villages, where there are no coffee machines, communications or even running water, where traces of a distant war are still on the surface. Crossing raging rivers on a slippery log with a bunch of equipment that no one has ever lifted to such heights. Climbing up rocks for hours just to get a few shots. In order to understand what it was like for our soldiers. We slept like them, ate the same, we even tried to storm the heights at speed in the same kirzachs with foot wraps in order to understand how it was not the heroes who could survive in harsh conditions - ordinary people, many of whom saw the mountains then for the first time - shared by Dmitry Kuzmin.

All events and stories included in the film “Above the Sky, Above the Mountains. Battle of the Passes” have a documentary basis. The film uses the creative team’s own footage, as well as fragments of newsreels filmed on the ground by front-line cameramen from the collection of the Russian State Archive of Film and Photo Documents (RGAKFD, Krasnogorsk), newsreels, music and songs of the 30s-40s.

The painting, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Battle of the Caucasus, will be shown free of charge at the Rosa Khutor resort in the Lecture Hall of the mountain club "Sport Marathon" (Panorama Embankment, 4, Radisson Hotel building, entrance from the embankment). Open screenings will be held in October (the next dates are October 20 and 27) and then throughout the winter season. The schedule of sessions will be published on the website of the Lecture Hall of the Mountain Club "Sport Marathon"
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