Scientists have discovered new plants for the Oldzhikansky reserve

Scientists have discovered new plants for the Oldzhikansky reserve

Source: Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation

During a botanical expedition to the Oldzhikansky Reserve (Khabarovsk Territory), scientists discovered 6 species of plants new for the protected area: Fritillaria maximowiczii Freyn (included in the Red Book of the Russian Federation), Polygonatum humile, Viburnum sargentii Onondaga, Erysimum diffusum and bellflower.

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, there is one particularly dangerous plant - Dictamnus dasycarpus. On contact with it, a severe burn with essential oils is possible, especially on a hot summer day.

The expedition was organized by the Federal State Budgetary Institution Zapovednoye Priamurye.

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