Parking in Sochi has become paid

Parking in Sochi has become paid

Source: Sochi administration
The resort organized 1,000 parking spaces in the Adler, Khostinsky and Central districts. Special markings were applied on 16 streets and information signs were installed.

- Paid parking spaces were organized to combat traffic jams. Chaotic parking on the streets creates emergency situations and interferes with the movement of cars and pedestrians, the Sochi administration reports.

The location of paid parking spaces is indicated in the mobile application, where you can also pay for parking. Parking fees in the Central District are 100 rubles per hour. In the Adler district - 80 rubles, in Khostinsky - 48 rubles. You can stand for free for 15 minutes. Cars of disabled people and the drivers carrying them can also park without paying.

A special complex with a video camera records the state license plates of cars that have occupied the parking lot. The fine for non-payment is three thousand rubles.
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