Ecotourism at the festival «Primordial Russia»

Ecotourism at the festival «Primordial Russia»


IMG_3934.jpgToday in the western wing of the branch of the Tretyakov Gallery (Krymsky Val, 10), the opening of the VIII All-Russian festival of nature "Primordial Russia" will take place.

As part of the festival, the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia will present thematic days dedicated to the activities of the reserves and national parks of the country, as well as the preservation of rare and endangered species of animals.

The exhibition will feature the works of more than 200 Russian photographers who will send visitors on a unique adventure full of discoveries and vivid impressions, inspire them to plan their personal trips.

In addition to the photo exhibition, the program of «Primordial Russia» will traditionally be complemented by many lectures, master classes, meetings with experts, as well as scientific and educational events and creative projects organized especially for children.

By February 23, Roszapovedtsentr of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia prepared a program dedicated to the profession of a state inspector in the field of environmental protection.

March 3 at the festival is the Day of Ecological Tourism, within the framework of which the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia will present new tourism opportunities for reserves and national parks of this country.

On March 20, the program called "The Elusive World" will acquaint visitors of "Primordial Russia" with rare objects of the animal world, which are protected within the framework of the federal project "Conservation of biological diversity and development of ecological tourism" of the national project "Ecology". Guests will learn interesting facts from the life of polar bears, bison, tigers, Far Eastern and Central Asian leopards, snow leopards, gazelle, Przewalski's horse, Siberian crane and cetaceans.

March 21 will be dedicated to research activities in the protected areas of the country. Representatives of the protected areas will talk about how they study migratory birds, where cranes spend the winter, about the history of the discovery, study and preservation of the famous Valley of Geysers in the Kamchatka Peninsula - the last greatest geographical discovery of the 20th century. A separate topic of the Day of Reserve Science in Protected Areas will be the panel discussion "I want to science!» on how nature lovers who are not specialists in this field can participate in scientific research in protected areas.

The general sponsor of the festival is PJSC Gazprom.

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