Artificial nesting sites for birds will be installed at Rosa Khutor

Artificial nesting sites for birds will be installed at Rosa Khutor

Source: Rosa Khutor press service
100 artificial nesting sites are designed for birds of the owl and sparrow families. Special houses for birds will appear at elevations from 1000 to 1300 meters above sea level in places determined by scientists.

- 256 species of birds are found on the territory and in the vicinity of the Rosa Khutor resort, about a hundred of which are breeding, and more than 140 are migratory. We are actively cooperating with the Sochi National Park in the framework of scientific activities to study the biodiversity of the region. The installation of artificial nesting sites will help scientists monitor the condition of birds of the owl and sparrow families, which are permanent inhabitants of the surrounding forests and mountains, - said Denis Ryltsev, head of the Rosa Khutor Environmental service.

Artificial nesting sites will be made in the form of birdhouses corresponding to the size of their future inhabitants. They will help not only scientists in the study of birds, but also the birds themselves. Several bird feeders have already been installed on the territory of Rosa Khutor. They are filled with millet, oats and barley, helping the birds survive the cold season. During the snowy winter, they "eat" more than 75 kilograms of grain. Animals were not ignored either - special feeding stations for wild animals were created at Rosa Khutor. The camera traps located near them show that deer, wild boars and roe deer most often feed here. Chamois, bears, jackals, foxes, raccoons, and badgers come to the feeders. Over the years of observation, ecologists have become convinced that animals prefer corn in winter. However, they are also fed salt at the resort. It contains certain minerals and useful substances that help improve the metabolism of animals, act as a natural antiseptic and are very useful for expectant mothers.
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