A picture of a family of indigenous inhabitants of the Arctic won the prestigious All About Photo Magazine competition

A picture of a family of indigenous inhabitants of the Arctic won the prestigious All About Photo Magazine competition


Photo of Russian photographer Yulia Nevskaya "People of the Tundra" - a photograph of a happy woman from the northern Russian region of Taimyr surrounded by three children won first place in the All About Photo Magazine travel photography competition.

The victory of this photograph is particularly noteworthy because it commemorates the UNESCO Decade of Indigenous Languages ​​(2022–2032), which will focus on the rights of indigenous languages. This is reported by the leading Norwegian publication Bodoposten.

All About Photo is a free and independent magazine that has become one of the busiest portals for online photography. In addition, All About Photo is one of the largest online magazines where you can find everything related to photography.

Julia Nevskaya has worked extensively in northern Russia, including with indigenous peoples such as the Nenets and Sami. She took many photographs in one of the most interesting and northern cities in Russia, Norilsk, the hometown of the world nickel producer Norilsk Nickel.

The winning picture depicts Angelina Wanga with her children Denis, Linda and Dima. The photo was taken at the end of April. Snow melts in the tundra only at the beginning of summer.

The Wanga family has nine children who travel all year round on the tundra south of Taimyr in the Arctic, where many other indigenous peoples live. Norilsk Nickel is said to support the development of the Arctic regions, including indigenous peoples such as the Nenets and Sami, according to the Norwegian newspaper Bodoposten.

Each family lives independently, but they keep in touch with each other and meet regularly. Children live with their parents until they start a family of their own, except when they go to boarding schools in nearby villages. Linda, daughter of Leonid and Angelina, is six years old, and soon she will also go to study. At the same time, as a rule, the majority of boys and girls after school return to a nomadic lifestyle if the family remains in the tundra.

Taimyr is a peninsula in the far north of Russia, which forms the northernmost part of the mainland of Eurasia, and is administratively part of Russia.

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