A new reserve "Kurochkino swamp" will appear in the Moscow region

A new reserve "Kurochkino swamp" will appear in the Moscow region


A new specially protected natural area (SPNT) "Kurochkino Swamp" with an area of ​​57 hectares will appear in the Solnechnogorsk District of the Moscow Region, the TASS agency reports with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Ecology and Nature Management of the Moscow Region.

The new natural monument will be under strict control to preserve species diversity and protect the territory from construction.

«During the survey, 56 species of vertebrates belonging to 14 orders of four classes were noted here. At present, the Kurochkino bog is experiencing strong anthropogenic pressure, so we are in a hurry to give this area a protected status», the Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Region Government - Minister of Ecology and Nature Management Andrei Razin was quoted as saying.

In the territory of the new protected area there are areas of spruce-birch forest with predominantly taiga species of herbaceous plants, as well as the Upper Sphagnum bog, where nekera plumose, Sheuchzeria marsh and European scrub grow.

On the territory of the reserve, you can also find the sand lizard, black kite, nutcracker and three-toed woodpecker.

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