Botswana threatens to send 20,000 elephants to Germany


In a surprising turn of events, the president of Botswana has threatened to ship 20,000 elephants to Germany in an apparent political dispute

Botswana offers wildlife start-up stock to farmers to grow agro-tourism


The Botswana government is offering wildlife start-up stock to local farmers to boost the country’s agro-tourism

Elephant hunting earns Botswana $2.7mln


Botswana has more than doubled revenues from elephant hunting this year compared to what the country realised the last full hunting season seven years ago

Botswana goes virtual to promote tourism rattled by COVID-19


Botswana Tourism Organisation (BTO) has launched a virtual tour to promote the country’s tourism in response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

Botswana issues 287 permits to shoot elephants this year


The government of Botswana has issued permits to kill 287 elephants by the end of the hunting season in September 2021

Botswana boosts citizens' participation in tourism sector


Botswana has reserved 45 wilderness campsites for companies wholly-owned by its citizens in a bid to boost local participation in the tourism sector

Botswana will allow farmers to preserve wildlife for the development of ecotourism


The government of Botswana has decided to allow farmers to preserve their pristine wildlife, and not engage in agriculture

Botswana auctions six permits to hunt elephants for $2.3 mln


Botswana auctioned six licences last Friday to hunt 60 elephants for BWP25.7 million ($2.3 million)

Botswana auctions elephant hunting licences despite opposition


Botswana is scheduled to hold its first major auction on February 7 for the right to hunt elephants since lifting a ban last May.

Botswana reserves some licences for local tourism operators


Botswana has reserved some licences for citizen tourism operators in a bid to further enhance meaningful participation of locals in the sector

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