A new eco-expedition to eliminate the ghost village in Yamal is planned for August

A new eco-expedition to eliminate the ghost village in Yamal is planned for August

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Volunteers from the Arctic will take part in it, the government of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug announced on its website. The tasks of the volunteers will be the collection and storage of scrap metal for subsequent removal, the collection and sorting of wood for economic purposes, the dismantling of landfills and small structures.

The Polyarny settlement was created in the Soviet Union in the middle of the 20th century for the development of the Harbeyskoye field. It is located in the area of 110 km of the Chum-Labytnangi railway line. In 2004, Polyarny was completely resettled and, as the media wrote, turned into a "ghost town". The decision to liquidate the village was made in March 2021. Since 2022, work has been underway there to eliminate the environmental damage accumulated during economic activities.

“The liquidation work began in the Year of Ecology, which was announced last year in Yamal by Governor Dmitry Artyukhov. As part of the first and second stages, work was carried out to clean up more than 3.5 hectares of the territory of the village, 16 objects were liquidated - buildings and structures for industrial and domestic purposes, which were previously in municipal ownership and have lost their operational properties. Also, work was carried out on the technical reclamation of the land plots involved under them,” the YNAO government said in a statement.

Dismantling of three more facilities, removal and disposal of waste collected and generated as a result of their dismantling will be carried out this year.
Another part of the objects will be liquidated after the establishment of their owners and the resolution of property issues.

“Such facilities will be liquidated as part of the third stage of work, the completion of which is scheduled approximately in the fourth quarter of 2024. At the same time, the biological stage of reclamation will be carried out only in mechanically disturbed areas, the area of ​​which will be established after the completion of work on the liquidation of objects,” the YNAO government said.

Measures to eliminate the Polyarny are being implemented by the NP Russian Center for the Development of the Arctic.
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