Who said meow

Who said meow

Source: Yulia Chuchalova
Scientists from the Institute of Problems of Ecology and Evolution (IPEE) RAS. A.N. Severtsov, as well as Moscow State University after M.V. Lomonosov conducted a study of the acoustic parameters of the meows of feral adult domestic cats Felis silvestris catus kept in captivity during the breeding season. Researchers have found that meowing contains information about an animal's gender and personality. This is reported on the website of the Institute of Economics and Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“During the breeding season of domestic cats, both sexes dramatically increase their vocal activity. Loud meows can be used by animals to determine the gender of a potential partner and his individual identity (in groups of more or less constant composition). However, to date there have been no studies that directly confirm these assumptions,” the report says.

Scientists analyzed the acoustic parameters of the meows of 5 male and 6 female adult domestic cats. As a result, it turned out that the percentage of correct assignment of meows to sex in discriminant analysis averaged 88.0%, and to individual - 79.2%. At the same time, the meows of males were much lower frequency than those of females.

“Thus, the study showed that acoustic differences in the meows of adult domestic cats during the breeding season can encode information about the sex and personality of the screaming animals,” noted the Institute of Ecology and Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The results of the study were published in the journal Behavior.
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