Turkey: time to throw away the stones

Turkey: time to throw away the stones

Source: Lyubov Ivanova
The desire to bring back a few beach pebbles from a vacation in Turkey resulted in an arrest for a Belgian couple. The unfortunate vacationers were accused of smuggling archaeological artifacts.

It turns out that any wild stone exported from Turkey is considered a historical object. The tourists, who did not suspect this, threw a couple of nice pellets into their suitcase and went to the airport. Imagine their amazement when they were arrested for these circles right before boarding the plane.

According to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, it is strictly prohibited to export antiquities, minerals or objects found on site, even if they have no cultural or historical value. Ordinary shells and sea pebbles exported from the country without a store receipt can result in a fine of up to several thousand dollars. And if the exported item is identified as cultural value, then criminal liability or arrest is possible.

As you know, ignorance of the laws does not exempt you from responsibility for violating them. Now the unlucky Belgians will have to rely only on the leniency of the judges.
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