The sowing campaign has begun in Serbia

The sowing campaign has begun in Serbia

Source: pixabay
According to a long-standing Serbian tradition, the festive table at Christmas should be decorated with the greens of sprouted wheat. Therefore, here in December, women begin a sowing campaign: a small amount of wheat grains are planted in specially prepared bowls. At Christmas, the green shoots, along with a festive candle, are placed in the middle of the table.

The quantity and quality of the stems determine the future harvest, and with it the luck of the whole year. Therefore, the Serbs take a very responsible approach to planting cereals: a special nutrient substance is prepared for the grains, delicate sprouts are sprayed every day, they try to protect the young shoots from drafts. After all, the mood at the festive table and the well-being of the family in the coming year depend on it.

And of course, the obligatory winter dish in Serbia is the Christmas pie "Božična Česnica". It is made from the highest quality wheat flour and coins are baked inside. Usually, the Union of Bakers of Serbia on the eve of the winter holidays bakes flour gifts and treats everyone on the central square of Belgrade. The lucky ones get coin surprises. Whether there will be a free distribution of happiness this year, time will tell.
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