The second winter field school for permafrost study takes place in Norilsk

The second winter field school for permafrost study takes place in Norilsk

With the support of the Polar branch of Norilsk Nickel, a joint team of students from the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University and the Department of Construction of ZSU conducts research in the field of geocryology and glaciology.

The research team consists of 7 future geocryologists of Moscow State University and 6 builders of ZSU.

The students have already studied the peculiarities of snow redistribution at the buildings of the city of Dudinka, and now they have begun to study the residential quarters of Norilsk, where the role of mechanized snow removal is very important.

The participants of the winter field school of ZSU and MSU will be able to compare the data obtained with the results of unique studies of snow deposits. They were conducted by Valery Grebenets as part of a group of scientists in the city since 1986. Based on the results, scientists will be able to conclude how the density and volume of snow have changed over the decades, and assess the extent of permafrost degradation.
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