The record for the number of tourists came to Bosnia and Herzegovina

The record for the number of tourists came to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a population of less than 4 million people, received almost 2 million tourists last year. This is a record figure for such a small country. According to the BiH Statistics Agency, in comparison with 2022, the growth of the country's tourist attractiveness amounted to 17%.

Interestingly, at the same time, domestic tourism decreased by 5%, but foreign visitors increased by 24%. The number of overnight stays also increased by 13% compared to the previous level.

The composition of foreign tourists is led by residents of neighboring countries: Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey and Croatia. However, travelers from Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and the United States also show great interest in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

But according to the length of stay, tourists from Kuwait were in the first place with almost 4 nights spent in BiH. They are followed by residents of Qatar, Egypt and Ireland by a small margin, who ordered more than 3 overnight stays. Travelers from the United Arab Emirates and Iran spent an average of 3 nights in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The French, Albanians and Bahrainis had less than 3 nights to relax in this part of the Balkan Peninsula.
More than 90% of tourists preferred hotel accommodation, and only 6% of guests stayed in private apartments.
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