The population of the Far Eastern leopard in Russia is increasing

The population of the Far Eastern leopard in Russia is increasing

The press service of the national park "Land of the Leopard" reported an increase in the population of the Far Eastern leopard. In recent studies, scientists have recorded 129 individuals. At least 14 leopard kittens have been born in the last year. 

The "Land of the Leopard" is the main stronghold of spotted cats. This is where the core of the population is located. Since the beginning of the century, the number of leopards recorded has more than tripled.

The latest data was obtained using Russia's largest photomonitoring network, which consists of more than 420 camera traps. Specialists have processed more than a million images. Among them, more than 15 thousand photos with leopards were revealed. 

"The data is analyzed using a special program for individual identification. As a result, each individual can be identified by a unique spotted pattern on the body. The network of camera traps covers an area of more than 300 thousand hectares," the message says.

The press service noted that over the past year, the range of the Far Eastern leopard has been significantly expanded, both due to the natural settlement of animals and as part of the reintroduction program. For example, at the end of 2023, a leopard relocated to the Ussuri Reserve independently reached the Lazovsky district of Primorsky Krai, which is more than 250 km from the population core in the national park. 

A year earlier, 125 leopards were recorded in Primorye. The research results show that the population remains stable, and due to its growth, wild animals settle outside protected areas, return to the territories where they were exterminated in the last century.
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