The Polar Alpine Botanical Garden to host a succulent festival for the first time

The Polar Alpine Botanical Garden to host a succulent festival for the first time

The press service of the Federal Research Center of the Kola Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences reported that the festival "Succulents in the Arctic" will be held for the first time on March 9-10 at the Polar Alpine Botanical Garden Institute. Its visitors will get acquainted with the world of plants from the most arid regions of the world.

Guests will be told about the types of succulent plants and their biological features. The scientific staff of the garden will share the subtleties of caring for them at home. In addition, it will be possible to purchase a plant "with a pedigree" in the greenhouse.

Amateur flower growers from Kirovsk and Apatity will take part in cactus crossing, an exchange of grown plants. And local artists will hold master classes on creating original crafts and drawings. In addition, there will be an art bazaar where guests will be offered to buy souvenirs and creative works related to the theme of the festival.

Visitors will be able to stroll through the greenhouses and admire the amazing plants that feel great, despite the snowy winter of the Kola Arctic, thanks to the closed ground of the Botanical Garden. All succulents are housed in a specialized succulent department of the greenhouse complex. The tropical-subtropical department houses an exposition of perennial evergreen succulent plants, mainly representing the deserts and semi-deserts of Mexico, Brazil and Africa.

The garden's collection of succulents includes 288 species. This is almost a third of the species composition of plants collected over the 90-year history of the institution. Among them are rare and in need of protection succulents.
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