The harvest of "marmalade" has ripened in Sochi

The harvest of "marmalade" has ripened in Sochi

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At the resort, fruits appeared on the nogoplodnik, which is called the "marmalade tree". The plant was covered with red berries, outwardly resembling a cherry.

- The taste of the fruit of the nogoplodnik is similar to marmalade. They make jam out of them. Purple stalks are also edible," the press service of the Caucasian Reserve noted.

The "marmalade tree" is common in East Asia, found in Japan and China. Nogoplodnik is appreciated not only by marmalade lovers, but also by landscape designers. The tree remains green all year round, it can reach 15-20 meters in height. In Sochi, the "marmalade tree" can be found in the Arboretum Park, in the Southern Cultures Park of the Sirius federal Territory, and can be found on the streets of the resort.
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