The concept of the development of the tourist infrastructure of the Shorsky National Park is presented

The concept of the development of the tourist infrastructure of the Shorsky National Park is presented

The concept of the development of the tourist infrastructure of the Shorsky National Park (Kemerovo region) was presented by the Moscow architectural bureau Dialectica, specializing in modern conceptual design in architecture, interior design and master planning. The national Park announced this on its website.

"The Dialectica team visited the Shor National Park this autumn. The specialists conducted an analysis of the geographical features of the territory, an analysis of transport accessibility, tourist potential, the state of the tourist infrastructure, the location of existing points of attraction, and a SWOT analysis," the message says.

According to experts, the distinctive features of the national park are the rich natural heritage, wide biodiversity, the unique ecosystem of the black taiga, ethnic flavor and the use of traditional natural materials and architectural solutions in construction.

Experts called ethnographic, local history, extreme, adventure, digital detox and niche tourism the most promising types of tourism for the Shorsky National Park.

"The target audience of the park is represented by hiking tourists, outdoor enthusiasts, residents of nearby towns and settlements, as well as various inactive groups (family, corporate, esotericists, etc.)," the national park said.

The concept divides the recreational area of the protected area into three sections, based on existing tourist routes, engineering restrictions and the features of the Mrassu River. For each point of attraction of the national park, experts have provided their own set of infrastructure solutions – guest houses of different capacities, glamping, tent areas, gazebos, cooking areas, baths, toilets, eco-trails, children's and sports facilities, fishing spots, observation decks, exhibition space and much more.

"Experts have presented the recommended types of tourist infrastructure facilities. The prototypes of traditional Shor structures – odag and senek - are taken as the basis for shaping. The design of ecotropes, observation decks, entrance areas and small architectural forms provides for the widespread use of traditional natural materials reflecting the cultural and natural features of the territory," the message says.

As noted in the national park, the developments outlined in the concept harmoniously fit into the natural landscape of the Mountain Shoria and will be reflected in the ten-year plan of recreational activities when designing the tourist infrastructure of this natural area.
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