The art Carnival will be held in the Gorki Leninskie Museum-Reserve near Moscow

The art Carnival will be held in the Gorki Leninskie Museum-Reserve near Moscow

The press service of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Moscow Region announced that an Art Carnival will take place on March 16 at the Gorki Leninskie Museum-Reserve. The tallest effigy in the country will be erected there. 60 meters of planks, 500 meters of timber and 80 meters of fabric will be used to create the structure.

This year, the best folk artists of Russia will perform at the event, and the day will end with a colorful show with the burning of an effigy. Tug of war and valenok throwing competitions, round dances, a drum show and culinary duels are also waiting for visitors. It will not do without the pancake market.

In addition, guests will be able to visit the "Camp of Heroes" with tents, chests, banners and real knights. There they will also see a battle with the participation of professional reenactors, equipped and armed with exact copies of armor and weapons of the IX–XI centuries. Those who wish will be offered to shoot a bow or jump over a heroic rope.

The staff of the museum-reserve has prepared several thematic museum and ethnographic programs dedicated to the traditional winter send-off. They will tell guests of all ages about the entertainment and life of people of the XIX century, introduce them to a variety of Maslenitsa dolls, teach them how to make Slavic charms and tell many more interesting stories and legends.
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