Spawning of an unusual frog fish begins in Primorye

Spawning of an unusual frog fish begins in Primorye

The press service of the National Park "Land of the Leopard" announced the start of spawning frog fish in the Far East Marine Reserve. In March, these unusual fish swim from the depths of the open sea to shallow water to leave offspring. Spawning occurs at a depth of up to 10 meters. At the same time, males remain to monitor future offspring for 40 days.

The fish place their eggs on a rocky bottom with closed gaps between the stones so that the movement of water does not carry it away. As a rule, after this, the females die or swim away. Males, on the other hand, guard the eggs and are held on the stone next to the masonry with the help of a large abdominal sucker.

The breeding season for frogfish in the Far East Marine Reserve will last until May.

Since 1978, the Far Eastern Marine Reserve has been preserving the unique nature of the Peter the Great Bay, which, in terms of biodiversity, has no equal in all the seas of Russia. Far Eastern trepang, giant octopus, and king crab are under special protection.
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