Rosa Khutor has released a book for children "The amazing adventures of Seryozha and Tanya Lyzhin in the world of mountains"

Rosa Khutor has released a book for children "The amazing adventures of Seryozha and Tanya Lyzhin in the world of mountains"

Among the priorities of the resort is educational activities aimed at preserving the natural and cultural heritage of the mountainous Black Sea region, the region where it is directly located. From year to year, Rosa Khutor supports not only the publication of popular scientific brochures about the animal world, monographs on the history of Krasnaya Polyana, but also the release of works of art. During the cooperation with the Meshcheryakov Publishing House, the resort has published several books: "Tales of the Mountain Black Sea region", memoirs of Baron Tornau, the discoverer of the Greater Sochi area called "Journey to the Caucasus. Memoirs of a Russian officer", "Children's Mining Encyclopedia: answers to questions about why". At the beginning of 2024, a new joint project was published – the book by Yulia Venediktova "The Amazing Adventures of Seryozha and Tanya Lyzhin in the world of mountains".

This edition is intended for children of primary school age. The story of the adventures of the Lyzhins' brother and sister during the winter and summer holidays at the Rosa Khutor resort is conducted in an intriguing detective-adventure genre. Other characters in the book also include the symbols of the resort – mascots – the brave Badger Tim, the cheerful Roe Deer Ulya and the smart Hedgehog Shu. Having made friends with the young guests, they dive into the whirlpool of amazing events together. They will have to solve the mystery of a strange message found in a bottle floating on the waves of the stormy Mzymta River, reveal the secret hideout of the only Caucasian hyena. Seryozha and Tanya Lyzhin will have to enter into correspondence with the Yeti bigfoot and make friends with the Krasnopolyansky bear, and also save the chick of the red-book bald owl. The whole action of the book takes place in the mountains of Sochi - on the territory and facilities of Rosa Khutor.
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