New Routes to Be Developed as Part of the "Great Kolyma Trail" Project

New Routes to Be Developed as Part of the "Great Kolyma Trail" Project


The results of the meeting of the Ecological and Tourism Council were announced by the press service of the Magadan Oblast Duma. The participants discussed the prospects for tourism development on the Kolyma River.

The "Great Kolyma Trail" project is currently underway. It currently includes 12 routes with a total length of over 140 km. This year, it is planned to develop three more routes in the Olsky, Yagodninsky, and Susumansky municipal districts.

It is also planned to lay 2-3 routes along Lake Jack London, located in the upper reaches of the Kolyma River, and to work out routes related to the Koni Peninsula.

The press release notes that 7 tourist trails have been developed in Magadan itself to date. These include trails to Battery Bay, Korean Klyuch, Kamenny Venets, and Cape Chirikov, as well as to Cape Ostrovnoy, Cherny Klyuch, and Kongali Stream. Last year, the first tourist trail in the Susumansky district was developed - "Three Bogatyrs".

Meeting participants discussed the measures that need to be taken to increase the tourism potential of the region. In particular, for this purpose, a register of recommended tourist routes of the Magadan Oblast should be approved. It is necessary to develop rules for the maintenance of routes, to restore the protected status of the natural monuments "Kamenny Venets", "Chasha" and "Ruchey Vesely". These and other proposals were also included in the list of recommendations of the Ecological and Tourism Council.

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