New Natural Monument Created in Moscow Region

New Natural Monument Created in Moscow Region


The press service of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Moscow Region has announced the creation of a new natural monument "Sukhanovo". It is located in the Leninsky urban district. The area of the protected area is 71.4 hectares.

The natural monument includes valuable natural complexes: meadow and dry meadows. There is also an old park of the Sukhanovo estate with preserved alleys and numerous long-lived trees. 15 protected species of fauna live here, and the chess checkerberry, listed in the Red Book, also grows.

A large number of butterflies were also found on the territory of the new natural monument by biologists. Among them are the Egeria eyebright, the milkweed cocoon moth, the bear mistress, the lime hawk moth, and others.

Specialists also recorded Red Book species on the protected area: the common snake, the black kite, the middle motley,green and gray woodpeckers, as well as the garlic.

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