New eco-routes have appeared in the capital's Yauza Park

New eco-routes have appeared in the capital's Yauza Park

The official website of the Mayor of Moscow reported that this year eco-routes with a total length of more than 1.6 km were equipped in the Yauza Park. Landscaping took place on four sites, including along Sukhonskaya Street and Olonetsky Passage. In the future, it is planned to create a new green multifunctional recreation area for Muscovites in the park.

One of the four thematic routes that are being created along the entire floodplain of the Yauza and Chermyanka rivers has become an ecotrope. This year, its section was laid along the left bank of the Yauza from the Olonetsky Passage. Its length was over 850 meters. In places where flooding was previously observed, the structure was raised. The ecotrope is built into a single pedestrian space of the park, two bridges were repaired to connect with the other shore. Part of this route is a staircase descent with a white colonnade.

In addition, a viewing platform in the form of an eco-flooring was arranged from the side of Sukhonskaya Street in the area of the existing bridge crossing. In addition, another eco—route has appeared around the existing bioplate: one part of it runs along the shore, and the other above the water. There are also two viewing platforms, the total area of which is almost 100 square meters.
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