More than two hundred new species of mushrooms, including two red-book ones, were discovered in the Kenozersk National Park

More than two hundred new species of mushrooms, including two red-book ones, were discovered in the Kenozersk National Park

Studies have been conducted in Kenozero National Park, the results of which may be useful for mushroom pickers. Doctor of Biological Sciences of Lomonosov Moscow State University Alina Alexandrova conducted scientific work in the vicinity of the village of Morchikhinskaya and found 205 new species of fungi not previously registered in the national park. This is reported on the website of the environmental institution.

"For five days last September, Alina Alexandrova examined popular tourist routes: the Anthill Trail, the Ancestral Trail, the Five Lakes System, the Path of Reflection, the Path to Shekalov's hut, the shores of Lekshmozer, Sargozer, Naglimozer, Bolshoy Island. We managed to find two mushrooms included in the Red Book of the Arkhangelsk region — blood-red spider web and blue-green stropharia. It is important to note that it is strictly forbidden to pick these mushrooms in the national park," the message says.

The researcher met in large numbers and economically significant species, traditionally harvested and considered delicious. This is, first of all, a real bunch and a group of species known by the common name "redheads".

"Bunches were often found in spruce forests on the banks of the Sargozer, and redheads were noted in crude spruce forests in small quantities, but they bore fruit massively in young spruce-pine forests on overgrown fields. Other valuable types of edible mushrooms also grew well: autumn sawdust, buttermilk, aspen and podberezoviki," the national park reported.
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