Montenegro is ready to change its eco-image

Montenegro is ready to change its eco-image

Source: Lyubov Ivanova
The Government of Montenegro has approved a draft law on waste management. It includes a ban on the use of plastic bags. According to a statement by the Minister of Environment, Spatial Planning and Urbanism Ana Novakovic Djurovic, “an important innovation provided for in the law is the ban on the use of lightweight plastic bags with a wall thickness of 15 to 50 microns in commercial establishments.”

The government of this Balkan country decided to take such a radical step in an effort to change the environmental image of the republic. According to Minister Djurovic, the new law in the field of environmental protection will improve the environmental condition of Montenegro.

The draft law also provides for tough measures for non-compliance with waste management rules. Strict standards will be introduced for manufacturers and importers of products, and their financial responsibility for compliance with waste disposal laws will be expanded. To monitor their compliance, an inspectorate is created at the ministerial level.

The new rules will come into force six months after the law is adopted.
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