Kenozero National Park Promises Tourists an Unforgettable Summer

Kenozero National Park Promises Tourists an Unforgettable Summer


Kenozero National Park is actively preparing to welcome thousands of tourists during the summer season. Improvement works are underway - campsites and bridges are being repaired, firewood is being prepared for the warmth and comfort of visitors, and flower beds will soon be decorated with flowers. This was reported by the national park on its website.

"Friends, we are eagerly waiting for our guests from Russia and from all corners of the planet! Kenozero National Park promises you an unforgettable summer, filled with bright and undoubtedly good impressions! We will publish the full program of summer excursions and master classes very soon," - the message says.

This year, in connection with the large tourist flow, the national park has hired many new employees for whom it conducts training courses.

In addition, active preparations are underway for the opening of a new comfortable guest house in the village of Vershinino, and repairs are being carried out in the "Lavitsa" guest house, where showers and new toilets will appear. In the summer, the interior arrangement of the two-story guest house "Dom Novozhilova" in the village of Filipovskaya will continue.

"Navigation has already opened on Kenozero, our legendary motor ship "Zarya" has been painted and repaired, and it has already taken participants of the "Spring Meetings" conference along the northern water area. This year we will offer our guests evening boat trips - this has never happened before," - noted in the national park.

Lovers of riding with the breeze will be able to ride a new super-speed and comfortable boat, and SUP boards will appear in the Plesetsky sector of the park.

The cafe has been overhauled in the Kargopolsky sector. Modern showers and toilets have appeared in the "Lesnaya dacha" camping. Cosmetic repairs were carried out at the Izba Shekalova. The so-called Lekshmozero boats, created in folk traditions characteristic of these places, are already ready for excursions to the System of Five Lakes to the 19th century Guzhovskaya mill.

At the Mezenka eco-farm, there is a new addition - on May 10, a calf "Ryazhenka" with a white heart on its head was born here. Also, the large family of the farm now has a foal of the Mezen breed named Pozitiv, the son of the absolute champion of the Arkhangelsk Region in Mezen horse competitions - Zamena.

Volunteers are putting things in order at the children's ecological camp in Maselg, and builders are repairing the kitchen-dining room, one of the children's houses and the camp headquarters building.

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