Immerse Yourself in the Atmosphere of the Liana Forest and the Depths of the Caspian Sea at the Visitor Center of the Dagestan National Park

Immerse Yourself in the Atmosphere of the Liana Forest and the Depths of the Caspian Sea at the Visitor Center of the Dagestan National Park

Source: https://дагзаповед.рф

A multimedia environmental education visitor center has opened on the territory of the Samur National Park (Republic of Dagestan). There you can learn in detail about the natural and cultural attractions of these places. In the republic, it is expected that the complex will become a center of attraction for local residents and tourists. This was reported by the Russian Center for Zapovedniks on its website.

"In our new multifunctional visitor center, you can feel the atmosphere of the liana forest, dive to the bottom of the Caspian Sea and see what fish live there. Full-scale animal models will allow visitors to imagine what a Dagestan tour, wolf, Caucasian tur, bearded man and other species look like," - the words of Zaripat Magomedova, deputy director of the Dagestan Reserve, are quoted in the message, under whose management the Samur National Park is located.

Guests will also be able to see unique shots from photo traps on the screens, which will tell about the life and behavior of rare, including red-book animals.

"The multimedia visitor center presents installations dedicated to the flora and fauna of the "Samur Delta" and "Shalbuzdag" clusters of the "Samur" national park, waterfalls and rivers, mountains and plains of Dagestan. All this allows you to rediscover the natural wealth of our region for the local population and guests of the national park," - noted the director of the Dagestan Reserve Kurban Kuniyev.

There is also an opportunity to walk along the eco-trail, which, like the visitor center, is accessible to visitors with disabilities.

An installation on the second floor of the visitor center will help tourists immerse themselves in the atmosphere of everyday life and culture of the peoples of Southern Dagestan. There are male and female figures in national clothes with old utensils that were traditionally used in everyday life by local residents.

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