Eecotrail equipped in the arboretum of the national park "Shushensky Bor"

Eecotrail equipped in the arboretum of the national park "Shushensky Bor"

On the territory of the Perovsky cluster of the national Park "Shushensky Bor" (Krasnoyarsk Territory), a presentation of the ecological trail in the arboretum "Berendey" was held.

This was announced on its website by the Roszapovedcenter.

"The ecological trail is equipped with wooden decking, which allows everyone, regardless of age or any physical limitations, to touch the protected nature. Wooden flooring is not only convenient for movement at any time of the year, but also helps to preserve the soil cover from trampling. Information stands are located throughout the route, where a variety of natural areas of the national park "Shushenskiy Bor" is presented," the message says.

Interactive objects are installed on the trail – a height meter and a module with rotating cubes, from which you can make photos of an animal, plant or landscape of the national park.

In addition, this year the arboretum's exposition was supplemented with 70 species of trees and shrubs.

"Our future plans include the expansion of recreational spaces, the arrangement of recreation areas to accommodate visitors, the creation of new trails and routes. In the future, we plan to create a high–quality ecotourist product and make the national park a place of attraction for residents and guests of our region," said Gennady Kiselyov, director of the joint directorate of the Sayano-Shushensky Nature Reserve and the Shushensky Bor National Park.

The arboretum "Berendey" with an area of 1.8 hectares was founded in 1979 by the Honored forester of Russia Dmitry Arsentievich Pavlov, who stood at the origins of the regional movement of school forestry. An experimental plot was set aside for young foresters to study, which formed the basis of the arboretum. Currently, this facility is one of the key points for the development of educational tourism in the national Park, the Roszapovedcenter noted.
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